Former SOCLAS PhD student Dirk Schoenaers has been awarded the 2011 Association for Low Countries Studies Essay Prize for his essay “The Middle Dutch Translation of Froissart’s Chronicle (ca. 1450). Historiography in the Vernacular and the Ruling Elite of Holland.

Froissart’s chronicle, originally written in French and relating the events that led up to the Hundred Years War and the first half of that war (1322-1400), was translated into Dutch in the mid-fifteenth century. Dirk Schoenaers’ PhD thesis included a detailed study of the translation and translator. In his winning essay “Schoenaers provided an illuminating analysis of Gerard Potter’s translation, a version which served the interests of the ruling elite of Holland” (see the citation here).

Dr Schoenaers is currently a postdoctoral researcher at University College London, where he works with scholars from Cambridge and King’s College London on an interdisciplinary AHRC-funded project “Medieval Francophone Literary Culture Outside France”.