Thanks to a new Erasmus partnership, the Eighteenth-Century Worlds MA will include an optional semester at the Institut Charles V, the Anglophone Studies centre of the University of Paris VII (Paris-Diderot) from 2012-13.

The MA has participated in an Erasmus staff exchange for the past four years, which has allowed CLAS staff Prof Eve Rosenhaft and Dr Kate Marsh (who received a teaching award for the design of the MA recently) to spend time teaching in Paris recently, while two Paris colleagues (Prof Robert Mankin last year, Prof Marie-Jeanne Rossignol this year) have taught here.

Last December the ECW Research Centre hosted a one-day symposium in 18th-century studies with colleagues from Paris VII, which discussed research topics that included the history of the pocket, science in literature, building standards and practices in the city of Paris, print culture and the American frontier, the origins of abolitionism, reading habits and popular enlightenment, philosophers and their portraits, and the financial roots of the industrial revolution and middle-class identities.

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