The legendary Sauerkraut Cup 2012 “EM 1972” is returning to Leeds on 28 April 2012. This football tournament is organised by German departments up and down the country. CLAS needs:

8 players per team (3 teams are allowed in total)

teams are mixed: in every game at least one girl has to play

organisers or team leaders (to organise e.g. practices)

creative people to invent a battle cry/song for Liverpool

fans to join us on the day, to sing and shout

Prizes are awarded for:

* best team theme

* best battle cry

* and of course a cup for the best team!

Email Miriam Stoll if you are interested in playing, or in helping to organise a group to create fan banners or a song and battle-cry. You can find out more by liking the Facebook page Sauerkraut-Cup.