The RILAS seminar on Thurs 1 Dec will be given by

Hazel Marsh (University of East Anglia)

“Popular Music and Politics in Contemporary Venezuela”

Hugo Chávez addresses his discourse to the marginalized, excluded and impoverished sectors which form the majority of the Venezuelan population. However, much analysis of Venezuelan politics has tended to proceed from a ‘top-down’ perspective that fails to engage with the experiences of barrio residents but which centres on the figure of Chávez.

This paper explores the ways in which 21st century cultural policy in Venezuela aims to encourage and deepen participatory democracy by recognising and including the memory of the masses in official representations of the country’s heritage. With specific reference to contemporary uses of ‘protest’ songs from the 1970s, the paper sheds light on the ways in which popular music provides Chavez with a means to connect with el pueblo.

The seminar begins at 4 pm in the LAS Building (86 Bedford St. South) in Lecture Room Three.

All welcome. Wine reception to follow.