The next Cultures, Languages and Area Studies research seminar will take place on Wednesday 9 November at 5pm in Cypress 401, followed by informal drinks in Cypress 507. All are welcome!


Dr Şebnem Susam-Sarajeva, University of Edinburgh will speak on the topic Translation in Mommy Blogs.


The discipline of translation studies has slowly been opening up to recent research on text production by those referred to as ‘amateur’ or ‘non-professional’ translators on the net – though not without some trepidation and uncertainty regarding issues of quality and boundaries. One such research area focuses on translations in the blogosphere, mostly looking at ‘filter’ blogs, which aggregate news and political information, or at knowledge-logs, focusing on technology – i.e. ‘important stuff’, usually associated with male bloggers. In this arena ‘mommy bloggers’ have come to be regarded with the same suspicion and marginalisation directed to first women authors of diaries, journals or autobiographies, which allegedly expressed the ‘personal’ and ‘emotional’, and were therefore seen as ‘trivial’ and ‘superficial’.

The objective of the talk is to discuss the role translation plays in mommy blogs. Placing mommy blogs within the context of cyberactivism, the talk will focus on the ‘oral’ and ‘appellative’ nature of blogging, and will attempt at linking it to the diverse ways of translating found in these blogs, which usually go against widespread expectations regarding the translation of written texts.