Dr Tom Whittaker has recently joined SOCLAS as a specialist in Hispanic Film Studies. Tom completed his BA degree in Hispanic Studies and French and his PhD in Film Studies at Queen Mary, London, and his MA in Spanish Studies at King’s College, London. He previously held lectureships in Film Studies at London Metropolitan University and Kingston University, where he convened and taught on a wide range of film courses, at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Much of his research has investigated the ways in which landscapes are constructed, re-imagined and contested in Spanish film, and this formed the basis for his book, A Producer of Landscapes: The Films of Elías Querejeta (University of Wales Press, 2011).

More recently, Tom’s research has engaged with the relationship between sound and movement in Spanish and Latin American cinema: a recent book chapter explored the ‘moving’ soundscapes of cine quinqui, a cycle of Spanish films which starred real-life delinquents. Another recent project investigates the cultural production and reception of dubbing in Spanish film. For instance, Tom is particularly interested in Constantino Romero, a dubbing actor who has provided the Spanish voice of none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger and Darth Vader!