Will Amos graduated from SOCLAS in the summer of 2011 with a BA in French, and is, this year, serving as the University of Liverpool’s nominated lecteur at the University of Nancy. Every year, through an open competition organised by Edgar Rohan in SOCLAS, final-year students are invited to apply to spend a year in either Nancy or Rouen as a lecteur, teaching English to undergraduates at our partner universities. This is a reciprocal agreement, and Nancy and Rouen send SOCLAS a lecteur every year.

Nancy, France

Will was an English assistant in Toulouse in his year abroad, and so had experience of teaching in France prior to the start of his one-year post. Given the ties SOCLAS holds with the English department, and thanks to the co-operation of past lectrices who have worked in Liverpool, he had considerable help and support to guide him through the early stages. Will writes, ‘Whilst I knew my professional life would differ from my time spent on my year abroad as an Assistant in Toulouse, I had no idea how different University teaching in France would be from my experiences of it in Liverpool. The department is much bigger (almost 20 English teaching staff), and the administration is run in a way that bears more comparison to the UK school system rather than the way in which higher education is run.’

Will Amos outside Nancy's University Library

Although Will acknowledges that it has taken a while to settle into his new life as a lecteur, he now very much enjoys his time in Nancy. No longer officially a student but a member of staff, Will spends his time trying to enthuse students about all things related to the English language. He writes, ‘The English Pub nights I have set up with the other lecteurs have definitely been a hit, and given my aspirations to return to Liverpool as a masters student next year, meeting with students for a semi-social anglophone night once a week definitely keeps me in touch with a young person’s, if not a student, lifestyle.’

Final-year students of French at the University of Liverpool are invited to consider applying to act as a lecteur at either Nancy or Rouen, and full details are available from M. Edgar Rohan.