A new volume co-edited by SOCLAS’s Lyn Marven (German) examines fifteen contemporary novels in German by up-and-coming writers who are making an impact both at home and internationally. As well as co-editing the volume, with Prof Stuart Taberner of Leeds University, Dr Marven wrote the introduction and a chapter on Ulrike Draesner’s novel Mitgift. SOCLAS’s Dr Andrew Plowman and Dr Kate Roy also each contributed a chapter to the book.

Some of the authors featured, like Karen Duve, Daniel Kehlmann, and Saša Stanisic, have already achieved international recognition; some, like Julia Franck, have won major prizes; others, like Clemens Meyer (who appeared recently at the Edinburgh Festival), Alina Bronsky, and Ilja Trojanow, are “emerging authors” who have begun to attract attention. Between them they represent a range of literatures in German, from women’s writing to minority writing (from Turkish immigrants and Eastern Europe), to “pop literature” and perspectives on the former GDR and on Germany’s Nazi past.

The volume features academic essays on novels by Ulrike Draesner, Vladimir Vertlib, Terézia Mora, Juli Zeh, Daniel Kehlmann, Clemens Meyer, Saša Stanisic, Ilija Trojanow, Sibylle Berg, Julia Franck, Alina Bronsky, Karen Duve, Yadé Kara, Sven Regener, Kathrin Schmidt, and translations of excerpts from novels by Vertlib and Meyer.

Emerging German-Language Novelists of the Twenty-First Century, ed. Lyn Marven and Stuart Taberner (New York: Camden House, 2011), chapters by Lyn Marven, Stuart Taberner, Anke Biendarra, Stephen Brockmann, Rebecca Braun, Frauke Matthes, Brigid Haines, Julian Preece, Emily Jeremiah, Valerie Heffernan, Barbara Mennel, Heike Bartel, Kate Roy, Andrew Plowman, Sonja Klocke, Jamie Lee Searle and Katy Derbyshire.