SOCLAS postgraduate presentation day, 18 May 2011

Cypress Building, room 401

9.00 a.m.           Welcome, Dr Kate Marsh

9.15-10.15          German Studies, chair Dr Lyn Marven

9.15                     Mr Ian Gwinn, ‘Radical History with the Politics Left Out? “Revisionist” History from Below in Britain and Germany’

9.45                    Mr Paul O’Hanrahan, ‘Genre, Space, Memory: Finding East Berlin in James Lasdun’s Seven Lies’

10.15-10.45       French Film Studies, chair Dr Kate Marsh

10.15                  Ms Florence Rouif, ‘L’Art de la cruauté: les mythes de la cruauté dans le cinéma français contemporain’ (in French)

10.45-11am       coffee (room 507)

11-12                   Hispanic Studies, chair Dr Kirsty Hooper

11.00                  Ms Sarah Jane Parry, ‘Myth and the Iconic Colombian Male: El leopardo al sol’

11.30                  Mr Benjamin Inman, ‘Waldo Álvarez Insua (1856-1938): A Journalist in the Galician Atlantic’

12-1pm              French Studies, chair Dr Robert Blackwood

12.00                 Ms Michelle Harrison, ‘Teachers as Policy-Makers: The Role of Teachers as Language Policy Agents in Alsace Bilingual
Primary Schools’

12.30                 Ms Devi Hardeen, ‘Le Tricolore of the French Atlantic: the Black, Brown, White’

1.00-2.15          Lunch (room 507)

2.15-3.45          Latin American Studies, chair Dr Marieke Riethof

2.15                   Ms Hannah Bradshaw, ‘Landscapes, Mediascapes and Imagined Communities’

2.45                   Mr Francis O’Brien, ‘Revolution and Political Order’

3.15                   Ms Ji-Hyun Seo, ‘Participation and Left-Wing Movements: Implications for Democracy in Peru’

3.45-4pm         Coffee (room 507)

4pm                  Guest Speaker Dr Pascale Baker (University of Sheffield): ‘Joaquín Murrieta, Gregorio Cortez and the Politics of Chicano Banditry’ (chair Dr Chris Harris)

c. 5pm              Refreshments and discussion (room 507)