Last month, three schools, including about 30 pupils, 3 teachers and 4 student advocates took  part in the first Italian Day in SOCLAS. In the words of some of the young participants:

“…really loved the activities on the Carnevale and learnt a lot…….”

“..a real pleasure to immerse myself in Italian as always when I have the chance”

“… learned more Italian than I imagined..   friendly

“..the day was great fun, it was very educational…”

I enjoyed the day very much and would consider studying languages at Liverpool University

And one teacher’s perspective:

“..very envious of your students who can attend the intensive course..”

“The girls were by spellbound by the activities and the welcome…. The points about the importance of learning languages were well taken ……….. everybody wants to continue studying Italian in some way..”

Thanks to everyone involved, from within and outside SOCLAS, the day ran very smoothly.

The schools were met by the Student Advocates in Abercromby Square and given a brief tour of the South Campus.  After a warm welcome from Head of SOCLAS Prof. Charles Forsdick and Head of Italian Dr Stefania Tufi our visitors heard an informative, inspiring and often humorous talk on undergraduate life from Dominic Costa, a SOCLAS finalist.

The programme was devised to offer maximum opportunity for interaction in Italian through ice-breaking activities, role-plays and a web and film-based quiz, as well as to provide some insight into Italian life and culture through a presentation of well-known Italian brands and of the Carnival tradition. The Italian lunch went down especially well.

Grazie a tutti!