The March theme for Year Abroad photos was ‘Signs’, and entries covered street signs, odd notices in shop windows, amusing graffiti, and some rather unusual translations. The winning entries provided a huge contrast:

Sign in Dachau concentration camp, by Rachel Beverley

I am spending my year abroad in Regensburg. The photo was taken when I visited Dachau Concentration Camp. I thought the sign would be good for the March competition as I think it is an important sign, to remind us what had occurred there in Dachau and that all of us today in the world should stand united so that nothing like that can happen again.

I found visiting Dachau Concentration Camp very interesting and after visiting the Camp i found that i had a new found perception over what had occurred during the Nazi period. I have read books that talk about the Nazi period but you don’t really appreciate the horror people went through until you have visited a place where you know atrocities occurred.

Dogs in baskets, by Helen Peacock

This sign was on a riverbank in Nantes, France. There is a short boat trip across the Loire for those who live in the fishing village of Trentemoult and as the sign clearly shows, the only dogs that are welcome are those in baskets!