SOCLAS’s small but enthusiastic group of Galician Studies researchers recently visited colleagues at the Centre for Galician Studies in Wales, Bangor University for the first-ever Liverpool-Bangor Galician Studies Encontro.

Dr Kirsty Hooper and postgraduates Ben Inman and Jennifer Rodriguez were made very welcome by the Centre’s Director, Dr Helena Miguélez-Carballeira, and lectora and doctoral student, Ánxeles Torres Padín. The group was also excited to welcome a visiting colleague from Vassar College in the US, Dr Danny Barreto.

In morning and afternoon sessions organized around a very convivial lunch, each participant talked informally about their current research projects and future plans. Presentations were followed by lively and constructive discussion, which threw up some fertile areas of shared interest, and suggested an exciting future for this emerging field of study in the UK.

We thank our Bangor colleagues for their hospitality, and look forward to welcoming them to Liverpool in the future.

For more photos of the day, visit our Flickr photostream.