The February theme for Year Abroad photos was the colour red – a bright colour for a gloomy month in Liverpool! Here are the winners. 


Chinese New Year, by Isabelle Hanley (left)

I’m spending my year abroad in Catalonia in the quiet town of Reus which is about an hour and half away from  Barcelona.

These photos were taken on a weekend trip to Barcelona during the Chinese New celebrations.  I thought all the red decorations would be perfect for the photo competition.

The Sagrada Familia, by Isabelle Hanley (right)

This photo is of an interior stained glass window in the Sagrada Familia which is definitely worth seeing especially now the majority of the work has been completed. I even went in the lift up the tower which gave me a great view over all of beautiful Barcelona!


 Event in Plaza Murillo, by Judith Przylecka-Bruce

Plaza Murillo is in central La Paz,  it has an impressive cathedral which is always covered with pigeons. Street vendors in the square sell bird seed which encourages them! There are government buildings and museums around the square. It is a lovely place to go and read or simply people watch for a while.