Research Institute of Latin American Studies Seminar

3 March, 4:00 pm

Lecture Room 3 LAS Building

Prof. Anthony Pereira (King’s College London, Director, Brazil Institute) will present on:

State Security or Social Defence? A Case Study of Public Security Reform in Brazil

Public security has become an increasingly important political issue in Brazil since the end of military rule in 1985. Rising levels of violent crime have led to various initiatives to reform the public security system, and especially the police. This paper looks at two reforms intended to increase the accountability of the police to the public: police ombudsmen and community policing. Drawing from research in the northeastern city of Recife as well as national studies, it argues that so far, these reforms have had less impact than expected. This is due in part to understudied organizational characteristics of the police that hinder the creation of accountability mechanisms and facilitate the manipulation of police behavior.

Wine reception to follow.  Please see the RILAS website for further details.