The January theme for Year Abroad photos was “food” – and the results were mouthwatering! Here are the joint winners:

Tapas Feria, by Emma Riley

“I’m living in Castilla La Mancha, in a town called Valdepeñas. The picture was taken during the Feria de la tapa. This is a competition in which twenty six of the bars and restaurants in the town competed to see who had the best tapas. They each create a special tapas dish. Over the course of two weeks this dish can be bought along side a glass of wine for just 2.50€. I tried a lot of the dishes around town and they were all really good. Unfortunately this dish was not the winner but I thought it definitely got the points for Spanish presentation.”

Crêpes, by Helen Peacock

“I am spending my year abroad in Nantes, in the North West of France. This region is famous as the birthplace of crêpes, so I am taking advantage of the many crêperies while I can. This one was just butter and sugar, but there’s a huge range and maybe by the time I leave in April I will have sampled a few more!”