Dr Stefania Tufi has been awarded a British Academy Small Research Grant to carry out fieldwork in connection with the project The Linguistic Landscape of Palermo and Venice. It is part of the Linguistic Landscape project directed by Dr Tufi in collaboration with Dr Robert Blackwood which will lead to the publication of a co-authored book, The Linguistic Landscape of the Mediterranean: French and Italian Coastal Cities.

Here are some examples of multilingual signs found during previous fieldwork in Italy:

(left) ‘Close the door, thank you’ Slovenian/Italian (Aurisina, Trieste). Slovenian is a minority language with official status in north-eastern Italy.

(right) Sardinian/Italian road sign (Quartu, Cagliari). Sardinian is a minority language with official status on Sardinia.

(left) Neapolitan/Italian/English sign on bus (Naples). Neapolitan is the local Romance variety of Naples in southern Italy.

(right) ‘Do not leave any rubbish here thank you’ in Spanish/French/Wolof/Arabic (Genoa). Different migrant groups live in this area of Genoa. Genoa hosts the largest Ecuadorian community in Europe after Spain.