Liverpool Day Conference on Travelling Languages


On 11 March SOCLAS will hold a day-conference entitled ‘Travelling Languages’. All are welcome to attend.

Guest speaker is Prof. Hilary Footitt (University of Reading), co-ordinator of the major Languages in War project.

Along with people, languages cross borders. Migrating with their speakers, they  take up their place in new spaces, intermingling with the local speech, challenging the process of communication in their new homes.

Although it has become customary to talk of a language ‘barrier’, when speakers of different languages come into contact they have always found ways to negotiate the encounter. Linguistic mixtures have always been fundamental to cultural exchange.

Airport signs in Hindi and EnglishSo what happens to languages when they leave home? What might it mean to be a ‘language traveller’, or even a ‘language passeur’?  How does one speak, write, live in travelling languages?

Papers at the conference will try to answer some of these questions. They will address subjects such as the presence of English in the French Caribbean (Robert Blackwood), foreign songs in Spanish and Italian film (Elena Boschi), and Slovenian speakers in Northern Italy (Stefania Tufi).

For further details or to register for the conference, please contact the organiser, Dr. Alison Smith.