Kirsty Hooper appeared this week on Radio Galega’s daily radio show Diario Cultural, talking about the writers Annette Meakin and Catherine Gasquoine Hartley, who were instrumental in promoting Galicia and Galician culture to British readers during the first decade of the twentieth century.

Meakin and Hartley were intrepid travellers and professional writers, who separately became experts on Galicia and Galician culture at a time when British academics rarely even studied Spanish language and culture, let alone Basque, Catalan, or Galician. Although they’ve been long forgotten in the UK, the excellent Galician translations of their works published in the 1990s mean Meakin’s Galicia, the Switzerland of Spain (1909) and Hartley’s Spain Revisited: A Summer Holiday in Galicia (1911) are still widely read in Galicia today.


Dr Kirsty Hooper is SOCLAS Senior Tutor and an expert in Anglo-Spanish-Galician cultural history. She is currently at work on two main projects: Galicia in the British Imagination, and Hispanic Liverpool. Her book Writing Galicia into the World will be published by Liverpool University Press later this year.